We are living through an unusual and unprecedented time that has made us all reevaluate the plans we had set for the year. Despite all of us being faced with many unknowns, we at Rouge Mocap are committed to safely continuing our beloved work of motion capture and ensuring that your project can continue moving forward as planned. As we venture into new shooting territory we will be offering remote shooting via teleconference with no more than 10 people on set at a time. Until the “Shelter at Home” mandate has been lifted, we will only be offering teleconferencing shoots and will be practicing stringent social distancing guidelines. Below you will find the preemptive measures we have taken to guarantee that our crew, cast, and clients will remain safe while performing the work that we all love.

COVID-19 Operating Guidelines

General Operating Rules

  • All persons entering the premises must sign a waiver releasing all liability of the production and studio.
  • All Non-essential personnel should not attend the shoot.
  • Rouge will be adhering to any applicable union guidelines that have been set in place during the lockdown until they are lifted.

Client Services

  • Video teleconferencing will be provided for ALL non-essential crew and staff.
    • Rouge will provide four floating camera video streams.
    • Additional video stream for communication with the Capture Operator.
      • OPTIONAL Realtime stream can be included in the video feed.
    • Talent and crew will be able to see and hear offsite production teams.
  • A hard drive will be packaged up and sent to the client within 48 hrs containing video reference, the recorded webcast, a selects sheet, and any additional files pertaining to the shoot.
  • All post processing teams are now working remotely. File exchanges are provided by encrypted data transfer transmissions. We require a min of 5 business days for first delivery and then rolling deliveries until project is complete.

Safety Gear

  • Every person in the building must wear an N95 respirator mask at all times.
  • Every person must wear protective disposable gloves at all times. If gloves are removed for any reason, you may not reuse the same pair of gloves, you must use a new pair.

Cleanliness | Sanitation

  • Rouge will provide in studio cleaning crew for every shoot day to ensure all surfaces, door handles, desks, keyboards, mice, and bathrooms are continually wiped down with disinfected throughout the day.


  • Talent will be required to wear a mask at all times unless wearing a head mounted camera for facial capture.
  • For shoots for 4+ actors, if possible, talent calls should be staggered and additional green room spaces will be established in vacant rooms throughout the studio for talent to rest when not needed on set.
    • Social distancing guidelines will be strictly enforced.
  • All crew interacting with talent are required to wear gloves and a mask.

Shoot Prep 

  • Set and prop builds will be limited to the hours when no shoots are taking place and no essential crew is present. There will be at least 12 hours between set build and shoot start, within which time a cleaning crew will have disinfected all surfaces.
  • Motion Capture suits, shoes, markers, and patches are to be handled with extreme caution and washed as well as placed under UV light overnight to disinfect after every use.
  • Workstations have been moved apart from each other by no less than 6 feet. No one is allowed to share workstations on set.

Catering & Craft Services

  • Meals on set will be closed box packaging, per person from trusted food deliveries only.
  • Craft services will consist of only individually packaged foods. Client, Cast, and Crew are welcome to bring any outside food of their own and store in a fridge if they wish.
  • ALL food and drink must be consumed outside of the building to avoid potential removal of masks or gloves.


  • Rouge Mocap is currently offering on set, day of antibody testing to all productions, cast and crew to ensure optimal safety. Health care workers will provide a thumb prick test onsite to clear workers for work. Pricing available upon request.


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4130 Del Rey Ave.
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4130 Del Rey Ave.
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292